Young Soon Hue
Young Soon Hue was born in Inchon, South Korea and began her ballet studies began at the Sunhwa Arts School in Seoul. Young Soon Hue went on to study at the “Academie de Danse Classique de Princesse Grace in Monte–Carlo, Monaco” under the direction of Marika Besobrasova. Young Soon Hue professional ballet career began with Frankfurt Ballet in Germany, under the direction of Egon Madson and William Forsythe, followed by an engagement with Zürich Ballet in Switzerland under the direction of Uwe Scholz. Heinz Spoerli then invited her to be a soloist with Basel Ballet in Switzerland. She made the move to Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg Germany under the direction of Youri Vàmos initially as a soloist and Ballet master. Young Soon Hue has danced numerous principle and solo roles from internationally renowned choreographers such as Mats Ek, William Forsythe, Hans van Manen, Heinz Spoerli, Uwe Scholz, John Cranko, Youri Vámos, Nils Christie, Christopher Bruce, Nacho Duato, George Balanchine, Judith Jamison and Paul Taylor just name a few. Young Soon Hue career as an international choreographer began with "Elle Chánte" which she created on the Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf in Germany in 2001. Since then she has worked as a free-lance choreographer with many ballet and dance companies in Europe and abroad. Amongst these are the Tulsa Ballet in the USA, Queensland Ballet in Australia, National Ballet of Korea, Universal Ballet in Korea, Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Germany, Aalto Theater Essen/Germany, Theater Hagen/Germany, Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin/Germany, Augsburg Ballet/Germany, Coburg Ballet/Germany, Tanzcompany Insbruck/Austria, Ankara ballet/Turkey, Istanbul ballet/ Turkey, Izmir ballet/Turkey, Samsun Ballet/Turkey, Arles Youth company/France, Companyia Jove CDansa/Spain, Seoul Ballet Theater/Korea, Ballet Blanc and Ccadoo Modern Dance Company in Korea to name but a few. Young Soon Hue has created till now 45 full legth pieces and short pieces like „Romeo and Juliet“ „Carmen” „Carmina Burana" „On Commence“ „Firebird“ „NoName?“ „Imperfectly perfect“ „Reminiscence“ „If“ „Contrast“ „The edge of the circle“ „Reflection“ „Switch complexion“ “Wave of Emotions” „BOB(Best of Beatles)“ „The Moment" „This is your life” „Backstage” „El sussuro del Tiempo” „Ampelfieber” „Sound of Silence” „Transparent Moment" „Bach and I“ „Glass house” etc ..just name a few.. And Her works have been presented at many different international Galas and Festivals like Split Dance Festival, Bodrum International Ballet Festival, Kiel Ballet Festival, The korea Ballet Festival, Ballet EXPO in Korea, The Korea World Stars Dance Festival, Busan International Ballet Festival, Hagen Aids Gala name but a few. In 2006 Young Soon Hue was awarded "Best Choreographer of the Year" from the “MOM” Dance Magazine in Korea. IN 2009 Young Soon Hue was awarded “The best choreographer and the best piece of the year” with “This is your life” and “Wave of Emotions” from Dance critic prize of Korea. In 2010 and 2011 Young Soon Hue was invited as an artistic Director of the “The korea world stars dance Festival” and "Seoul international Ballet Festival". In 2012 Young Soon Hue was invited to Choreograph a new creation "Transparent moment" for the Ballet EXPO Seoul 2012. In 2013 Young Soon Hue created a new piece "The Moment" for the K-Ballet World Festival and was awarded as "The best Choreography of the year 2013" from Ballet Association of korea and received 2 other prizes from Dance Critic Prize as "Best Choreography of the year" and Dance Magazin „MOM“ as „Best piece of the year“. In 2015 Young Soon Hues Romeo and Juliet has received a Theater Prize as the Best piece of the year from Staatstheater Augsbrug/ Germany. In 2016 Young Soon Hue was invited as Guest Choreographer from Korea Ballet Festival to present her 2 works „Contrast“ and „ The edge of the circle“ at Seoul Arts Center. In 2019 Young Soon Hues „Imperfectly Perfect“ collaboration work with Universal Ballet company has received a award from The Korean Dance critics. In 2022 As a co-production between Seoul Arts Center and the Korea Ballet Festival, Young Soon Hue was invited to recreate her „Romeo and Juliet“ for the Freelance dancers in Korea. Young Soon Hue works and based in Düsseldorf /Germany and also invited as guest teacher to many different Ballet companies, Universties and schools in Europe, Korea and Japan. And she works as a teacher at Ballet school of Ballet am Rhein Düsseldorf. Choreography ° On Commence - May 2023; Premiere Arles Youth Company/France ° Dentro y Fuera - February 2023; Premiere Companyia Jove CDansa/Spain ° Romeo and Juliet - June 2022; Korea Ballet Festival & Seoul Arts Center/Korea ° So Close (So Nah) - May 2022; Premiere Theater Plauen-Zwickau/Germany ° NoName? - Januray 2020; Premiere Staatstheater Augsburg Ballet/Germany ° Imperfectly Perfect - June 2019; Premiere Universal Ballet; Korea Ballet Festival/Korea ° EXIT - June 2019; Premiere Korea International Ballet Competition/Korea ° My Favorite Things - October 2018; Premiere Wilhelma-Theater Stuttgart/Germany ° UNITXT - October 2018; Premiere Birgit Keil Gala Ludwigsburg/Germany ° Reminiscense - April 2018; Premiere Theater Augsburg/Germany ° IF - September 2017; Premiere Tulsa Ballet/USA ° Shaker loops - October 2016; Premiere Theater Hagen/Germany ° The four Seasons (along with Regina van Berkel and Ricardo Fernando) - October 2016; Premiere Theater Hagen/Germany ° Switch Complexion - April 2016; Premiere Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck, Kammerspiele in der Messe/Austria ° The edge of the circle - November 2015; Premiere Academy of Dance Mannheim ; Schauspiel house Stuttgart/Germany - May 2016; Ballet Festival Korea - February 2018; ARCHITANZ2018 /National Theater Tokyo/Japan ° Illusion -May 2014; Premiere Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf & Duisburg/Germany ° Contrast - May 2014; Premiere Tulsa Ballet/USA - January 2015; Istanbul Ballet/Turkey - February 2015; Landestheater Coburg/Germany - May 2016; Korea Art Center, Korea Ballet Festival ° Reflection - November 2013; Premiere Academy of Dance Mannheim ; Wilhelma-Theater Stuttgart/Germany ° The Moment - October 2013; Premiere Korean Art Center/Korea Ballet Festival/Korea ° Touch - March 2013; Premiere Theater Hagen/Germany ° Transparent moment - August 2012; Premiere Korean Ballet EXPO/Korea ° Carmina Burana - June 2012; Premiere Theater Augsburg/Germany ° Sound of silence 2 (pdd) - May 2012; Premiere Landestheater Coburg/Germany ° The Firebird - April 2011; Premiere Izmir Ballet/Turkey ° El Susurro del Tiempo - November 2010; Premiere Ballet Blanc/Korea - April 2011; Dae-Jeon Art Center/Korea ° Carmen - October 2010; Premiere Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin/Germany - April 2011; Dae-Jeon Art Center/Korea - August 2011; Bodrum Ballet Festival/Turkey ° BOB (Best of Beatles) - April 2010; Premiere Tulsa Ballet /USA ° Wave of emotions - October 2009; Premiere Seoul Ballet Theater/Korea - February 2011; Theater Hagen/Germany - April 2011; Izmir Ballet/Turkey ° Glass house - March 2009; Premiere Theater Hagen/Germany ° Sound of silence  -November 2008; Premiere Ccadoo Dance Theater/Korea - August 2010; The Korea world dance stars Fesival ° Broken Vow - July 2008; Premiere Arko Theater/Korea ° This is your life  - April 2008; Premiere Tulsa Ballet /USA - August 2008; Ballet EXPO Seoul (performed by Tulsa Ballet) - April 2009; Aalto Ballet theater Essen/Germany - April 2009; Ankara Ballet/Turkey - August 2009; Split International Ballet Festival/Kroatien(perfomed by Ankara ballet) - November 2009; Universal Ballet 2/Korea - August 2011; Universal Ballet 1/Korea - Augsut 2013; Bodrum Ballet Festivaval/Turkey (performed by Universal Ballet) ° Romeo and Juliet  - September 2007; Premiere Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin/Germany - April 2011; Dae-Jon Art Center/Korea - August 2011; The Korea world star Festival/Korea - November 2014; Theater Augsburg/Germany - April 2017; The Korea World Dance Star Festival/Korea ° Breath of an angel - August 2007; Premiere Queensland Ballet/Australia - September 2008; Universal Ballet 2/Korea ° Silencio de l’Amor  -March 2007; Premiere National ballet of Korea/Korea ° Impulse  - August 2006; 3545 Ballet Gala/Korea ° We were, we are, we are going to be  - July 2006; International Ballettgala Kiel/Germany - August 2006; International Ballett Gala- Seoul & Busan/Korea - August 2007; International Ballett Gala Brisbane/Australia  - November 2008; International Aids Gala Hagen/Germany ° Ampelfieber / Traffic light fever  - April 2006; Premiere Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf & Duisburg/Germany ° Bach and I - November 2005; Premiere Schwerin Ballet Company/Germany - December 2005; Seoul ballet theatre /Korea ° Valse Triste  - August 2005; Premiere International star Gala/Korea  - August 2006; Queensland Ballet/Australia - August 2011; Korean World Dance Star Festival/Korea - July 2019; International Ballet Gala Dortmund/Germany ° Alles balletti / Backstage - July 2004; Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf Duisburg/Germany - November 2005; Schwerin Ballet/Germany - April 2006; Tulsa Ballet/USA - September 2006; National Ballet of Korea - April 2007; Zagrab Fesitival/Kroatien (performed by Tulsa Ballet) - April 2009; Ankara ballet/Turkey - August 2009; Split International Ballet Festival/Kroatien (Ankara Ballet) ° Chemins de Rencontres  - April 2004; Premiere Seoul Ballet Theater/Korea ° Stories behind the doors  - August 2003; Premiere Seoul Ballet Theater/Korea ° Elle chante - June 2001; Premiere Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf & Duisburg/Germany - Sepember 2002; Seoul Ballet Theater/Korea  - November 2005; Schwerin Ballet/Germany - August 2006; Queensland Ballet/Australia - August 2017; Seoul Ballet Theater/Korea ° Boeuf sur Le toit - May 1996; Theater Basel/Switzerland ° Kitarohue - November 1988; Zürich Ballet/Switzerland  Ballet master(since 1996 ~) Choreographer-Mats Eks “ Carmen” with National Ballet of Korea/korea Choreographer-Johan Inger “Home and Home” Guest Ballet master for Aalto Theater Essen/Germany Choreographer-Richard Wherlock/Director of Basel Ballet assisted for Ballett am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg Choreographer-Marc Ribaud/Ex. Director of Royal Swedish Ballet Choreographer-Youri Vàmos/Ex. Director of Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg Choreographer-Roy Tobias/Ex. Artistic Director of Universal ballet in Korea Choreographer-James Jeon/Ex. Artistic Director of Seoul ballet theater Choreographer-Erich Walter/Ex. Director of Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg  Guest teacher for the company (since 1988 ~) Ballet am Rhein Düsseldorf Duisburg/Germany Basel Ballet/Switzerland National Ballet of Korea/ Korea Universal Ballet Company/Korea Komische Oper Berlin/Germany Aalto Theater Essen/Germany Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company Queensland Ballet/Australia Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin/Germany Augsburg Ballet/Germany Tulsa Ballet/USA Coburg Ballet/Germany Innsbruck Ballet/Austria Graz Ballet/Austria Neuer Tanz/Germany Ankara Ballet/Turkey Istanbul Ballet/Turkey Izmir Ballet/Turkey Samsun Ballet/Turkey Arles Youth Company/Frankreich Hagen Ballet/Germany Theater Krefeld und Mönchengladbach/Germany Theater Plauen-Zwickau/Germany Tanzhaus Düsseldorf/Germany Würzburg Ballet/Germany Tokyo City Ballet/Japan Seoul Ballet Theatre/Korea Gwanjoo City Ballet/Korea  Ballet Blanc/Korea Ewha University/korea Sejong University/Korea Pusan University/Korea Architanz/Japan Ballet teacher for Student agae of 6 - (since 1990 ~) Ballet school Ballet am Rhein Düsseldorf /Germany (Since 1998-) Summer courses and choreographic workshops for the children, student and university students in Switzerland, Germany, Africa, Japan and Korea.
Choreographer / Ballet master and teacher